i-angel MIRACLE Hipseat Carrier


2016 New Hipseat + Baby Carrier!! Our Hipseat Baby Carrier is a new type of product wearable by both mom and dad and changeable into hip-seat and baby wrapper depending on baby’s body size and wearer’s personal preference.
Made from non-toxic water resistant material.
Fabric is often used in outdoor wear, so it is Miracle weight and comfortable on skin.
Water resistant function means the carrier can be easily cleaned, and less discoloration after washing.

The product reduces weight load placed on the spine and pelvis of users, allowing users to lift and put down their baby with ease.
All family members including mother and father can use the carrier and actively participate in baby care.
Internal foam is the core of hipseat carriers specially made using EPP material, harmless for human body, in cooperation with an excellent domestic material supplier exclusive for I-Angel. The carrier can be used in diverse positions including hugging from side, hugging from front, carrying on the back, and looking ahead.


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