i-angel Rainbow2 Hipseat Carrier


  • Manufacturer: Made in Korea
  • Fabric Material: 100% Cotton
  • Usable Age: 30days  – 36 month
  • Usable Weight: About 3.5kg – 20kg
  • Waist Size: 65cm – 115cm
  • Item Spec: Hip Seat Carrier, Baby Carrier, Sleeping Hood and Organic cotton teething Pads
  • Weight: 1622g
  • Safety Test: Certified by KC

With the utmost importance placed upon your baby’s safety, the padded hipseat is securely attached to the carrier portion with the highest quality YKK zipper while two outlying connecting velcro fasteners operate as a redundant safety mechanism.  The fully adjustable padded shoulder and waist belts operate in conjunction to redistribute the baby’s weight to your hips and provide a comfortable fit.  The velcro waist belt (has an attached pouch for small items) is made wide with an additional safety buckle to help stabilize the hipseat so you can confidently move with your baby.  The carrier portion has a zip away four season chest cover that can be used during colder seasons and taken off during warmer seasons to reveal a mesh lining for maximizing air circulation and coolness for your baby.  The sleeping hood snaps to the shoulder belts to help shield your baby from the elements (i.e. sun, wind, rain, snow).  The organic cotton teething pads fasten to the shoulder belts to help soothe any biting or teething tendencies.  Designed into the waist belt is a handy pouch for essential items such as cellphone and keys.

The Rainbow 2 comes with an additional modified waist belt that allows you to convert to & from carrier without hipseat – hipseat carrier.  The modified waist belt for carrier mode has an adjustable flares feature that can be extended or retracted to custom fit your infant’s bum & thigh area for better infant support.  As your baby develops and grows bigger, you can graduate them to the hipseat carrier for maximum support and reduce back arching.


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