Mamaway Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Temperature Antibacterial Baby Pillow


Baby Pillow (4 months+)

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A compact & ergonomic baby pillow that “breaths”. Moulds and supports your baby’s shoulders, neck and head. Draws away excess moisture and heat, keeping baby’s skin healthy and dry.

– Hypoallergenic: Passed strict REACH (EU Standards) testing, SVHC and heavy metal free
– Bacteria & dust mite resistant: 99.9% effective, passed allergy tests, anti bacteria, odour and dust mite resistant
– Breathable & adsorbent: Uses purified water as the expanding agent, develops natural pores to let the pillow “breathe” and draw away excess moisture like sweat, saliva, vomit and regurgitated milk to avoid choking hazards, while preventing bacteria and odour frrom developing and irritating baby’s fragile skin.
– Temperature regulating: Fine reverse osmosis purified water particles regulates temperature, suitable all year round
– Fast return & won’t collapse: Moulds to the baby’s body like water. Evenly distributes pressure, fast return and won’t collapse over time
– Can also be used as a nap pillow, travel pillow, foot pillow or cushion

Product contains: 1 x Pillow, 1 x Pillow case, 1 x Carry bag
Suitable from 4 months

White pillow cover: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Hypoallergenic foam shell: 100% Hydrophilic Polyurethane
Pillow filling: 100% Polyester
Pillow case: 96% Cotton, 4% Viscose

Dimensions: L 37cm, W 29cm, H 6cm

Made in Taiwan

Care Instructions
Pillow : Do not wash, spot clean only*
Pillow case: Hand wash only/ Do not soak/ Do not bleach/ Do not tumble dry

*Spot clean with warm water or mild detergent in a spray bottle to remove surface stains, take away excess moisture and lay flat to air dry in a cool, shady place. Product can turn slightly yellow if not dried thoroughly.

To store the product, lay the product flat and avoid sharp areas. Pillow will turn yellow slightly due to natural oxidation, this will not effect the function of the product.


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