TwistShake Anti-colic 330ml


Twistshake’s baby bottle is perfect to use in combination with regular breastfeeding. Every bottle contains a practical powder container as well as a mixing net. The unique system called TwistFlow actively prevents baby colic and ensures an even flow. The bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. It also has a grip-friendly design that retains heat.

  • BPA-, BPS- och BPF-free – Safe for both your baby and yourself
  • PP-plastic – Manufactured in premium, high quality polypropylene
  • Teat – Made from silicon, L (4+m) included
  • Mixer net – Actively dissolves clumps
  • Extra wide neck – The wide neck makes both refills and clean-up an easy task
  • Smart container – Prepare your meal at home and store it in the practical container. Two or more containers can be stacked
  • Anti-colic valve – Twistshake’s unique system reduce baby colic
  • Ergonomically designed – Grip-friendly, for both parent and child


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